Embroidery produces a high quality finished article & is best used on smaller designs (up to about 8-10cm square), larger designs can be cumbersome & take time to produce which are therefore more costly.

How We Embroider Your Logo Onto Your Clothing.

As coloured thread is used rather than ink or dye, it is ideal for logos, web addresses, personalisation and more on Polo shirts, T shirts, Fleeces, Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Jackets etc.

When we have your logo it will need to be DIGITISED This is the process of formatting the design in such a way that our embroidery software and machines can recognise it and replicate the design onto the garments. Here at Kameeleon we pride ourselves with the quality of our finished embroidery on your garments and will always go that extra mile to ensure that the finished articles are of the best quality.

Prices :

Embroidery Of Design in one position = From 5.00€ per article or garment supplied by us. (Please contact us for Special offers and advice)

Digitising : From 25.00€ (Plain text is normally Free Of Charge)

Contract Embroidery:- Embroidery Of Design in one position From 0.90€ for garments or articles supplied by you.
(Please contact us for a personalised quotation based on quantity, Logo size / Stitch Count, colour changes and type of garment or article)

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